Monkeys in Popular Culture

Monkeys in Culture

Monkeys in  Culture

Monkeys have always been part of popular culture. They are part of very early religions including Hinduism and Buddhism. They are symbols too in order to ward off evil. The see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil shows three Monkeys. One has a hand over his eyes, one a hand over his ears, and one a hand over his mouth. This continues to be a very popular symbol people have to remind them to be cautious with what they take part in with other members of society.

The most historical Monkey is Albert II who was the first one to go to outer space. This occurred in 1949 and he was a huge part of the success of the space program at that time. He was also able to be one that was taken onto the moon and out of the spaceship.

Monkeys have a delightful spirit that people of all ages enjoy. That is why they are found in popular culture in the form of characters. One of the most famous is Curious George. He lives with the man in the yellow hat. He has numerous adventures and does get into plenty of trouble. Yet at the end of the day it all works out and he is content. There are books and cartoons about Curious George that many parents also read when they were young or watched on TV.

There have been several movies too with Monkeys as side kick characters. They often add a new dimension to the show that draw in larger crowds. Some of these shows are action packed and others are children oriented. If you have a love of Monkeys though you will always enjoy such shows. Books with fictional characters as well as real ones are very popular. They often have wonderful graphics too that show people different species of Monkeys.

The one movie where Monkeys weren’t shown in a positive light was the popular Wizard of Oz. Instead, they were the culprits to the evil witch and had the ability to fly. They were dark and sinister creatures and showed another side to Monkeys that is hardly ever part of any popular culture. The other time winged Monkeys were shown was on the popular Simpson’s cartoon.

Documentaries that show the live and interactions of Monkeys are extremely popular. They show us just how many of the humanistic characteristics that these primates share with us. They have emotions that are both verbal and non verbal that we are able to observe. Through these documentaries we will find that that they are very intelligent and great care givers.

One of the best bands of all time was the Monkeys. They chose their name due to the fact that they liked to mess around and have fun just like these well known animals. In many ways people have given them humanistic talents. For example there are plenty of stuffed animal babies that children like of the Monkey. They will carry them around and mother them.

There is plenty of art work that has Monkeys in it. Most jungle scenes show them observing what is going on around that area. They seem to be a good leader for the overall ecosystem where they live in such art work. Video games are another sector where you will find Monkeys in popular culture with a new twist. The Monkey is one of the loved animals that draw people to the zoo too. They come to watch them play and interact with each other. When there is a young one around it seems that people will flock to this exhibit all day long.

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