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  • Monkey Habitat
    The distribution for the Monkey covers may regions around the world. They tend to live in forest regions where they have lots of trees around them. Some of them live in the savannahs though or in the mountain regions.
  • Monkey Anatomy
    The Anatomy of a Monkey is very interesting. They have bodies that are designed to give them both strength and agility. They are flexible and they are fast. This allows them to get away from predators and to thrive in their natural environment
  • Monkey Feeding
    The feeding habits of Monkeys are very interesting. What they will consume depends on the species. However, there are many common elements that they all seem to follow along.
  • Monkey Reproduction
    The reproduction process can be full of rituals for the Monkey. Those rituals will depend on the species though. They generally will become mature between 4 and 5 years of age. The females are attracted to the biggest and strongest males
  • Monkey Evolution
    Any time the subject of Monkey Evolution comes into the picture we have the debate over Darwin’s Theory. Are we so closely related to primates that we branched off from them? There is certainly plenty of DNA evidence to show that we are very closely related genetically to Apes as well as to the various Monkey species.
  • Monkey Predators
    There are various types of predators out there that are known to feed on Monkeys. What they have to worry about though depends on the size of the species as well as the location. Here are some of the common elements that these primates have to deal with in their natural environment.
  • Monkey Social Structure
    The Monkey social structure is very interesting to observe. They are very intelligent animals and need socialization for them to be able to thrive in their natural environment. The overall structure can vary based on the species of Monkey.
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